Employee engagement is a challenge that all HR teams face. The challenge transcends geographies and industries. And it isn't a formula that you crack once and the problem is solved. Rather, this is a never-ending jigsaw puzzle that needs you to rearrange the pieces each time. The pandemic scare, resultant emergence of hybrid work models and the changing workforce expectations have made the challenge even denser. What's the way out?

Solving an ever-evolving challenge with branded merchandise

Reward and recognition, employee appreciation, onboarding, and even everyday activities can influence employees' feelings towards an organisation, thereby shaping the employee engagement levels. 

75% of HR professionals reported successfully using promotional items in their recognition and reward programs.*

The faith in branded merchandise testifies their efficacy, making it one of the most of effective tools for employee engagement. 

Five ways to use branded merchandise for employee engagement

Promotional products have been used to engage customers for a long time (remember the McDonald's happy meal toy?), but here are a few ways they can be used to keep the workforce engaged

1.Staying connected with the company's core values

Each company is guided by a specific set of values. These values lend the company a distinct persona. The values act like guiding principles that help the companies define their goals and mission. To move towards their goals, all the employees need to be aligned with the values.

Organisations can use the merchandise wisely to keep the employees aligned with the values. There can be mugs printed with core values, customised T-shirts with quotes, notebooks, stationery and a lot of other products that communicate the values well.

2.Connecting with remote employees

Promotional items or branded merchandise are created to remind people about their association with the company. Thus, establishing a tangible connection that stays with a person for a long time. 

For instance, using a customised mug or notebook, even while working from home gives a reassurance that you are still a part of the organisation despite being physically away. 

What could be a better way to engage employees than staying connected with them wherever they are!

3.Reward and recognition

53% of employees say they would stay longer in a company if they feel appreciated.**

Each person likes getting appreciated, regardless of the work they do. And this appreciation can come in many forms. At times, just kind words from the manager do a lot to boost the morale. Yet, sometimes giving a token of appreciation, like a personalised gift from the BrandStore can make the event memorable. 

Appreciation, not just from the management or senior, but even from peers can do wonders. It makes a person feel valued and gives them an excellent dose of motivation to work better.

4.Welcoming new employees

The way employees are onboarded lays the foundation of their experience in the company. Good onboarding will create a positive first impression and encourage them to stay with the company for a long time, increasing the employee retention rate. It matters even more when employees are onboarded remotely.

A good way to give employees a positive joining experience is by giving a special welcome kit with high utility company swag. 


Using branded merchandise to engage employees is an unconventional yet effective way to engage employees. The process of procuring branded merchandise should also be unconventional. Instead of following long order process, you can create official company BrandStore to facilitate easy procurement and doorstep delivery. Learn more about BrandStore here.