In the 70s, people were exposed to about 500 to 1600 ads in a day. It could be billboards, posters, television, radio or anything. With the influx of digital platforms, can you guess how high that number could be?

It is anywhere between 5000 to 10000 ads in a day. One glance at your phone and you'll find brands fighting for space to get your attention. Out of these, how many do you remember?

In the space when every other piece that you come across is promotional material, brands are finding it difficult to be noticed. Digital mediums, although effective and easy, cannot hold a person's attention for more than a few seconds. This ephemerality of digital mediums paves the way for a more permanent medium: branded merchandise. 

Three ways to use branded merchandise to get the maximum results

There are multiple ways to capture your audience's attention using promotional products. Here are three most popular ways.

1.Make employees your brand ambassadors

Organisations are closest to their internal customers. And if they are happy, they will grab the microphone and tell the people about the brand. You can amplify their efforts with branded merchandise. Give them easy access to your customised merchandise using a portal like BrandStore. They will be able to order the merchandise themselves. It will offer them an opportunity to showcase their pride.

You can also share branded merchandise with them by giving onboarding kits. It will be a great way to form a positive first impression. Besides, they will be more likely to use the merchandise and tell the world about their association with your company. 

2.Share something tangible with your clients

Brands become favourites of their customers when there is trust. Trust comes from continuous conversation. That can easily happen with customised gifts or branded merchandise

Giving a customised mug or Google Nest, when the clients place repeated orders or do something worthwhile for your business, will make them feel valued. Also, when they use your custom branded products, they are promoting your brand to the people they interact with.

3. Event giveaways 

Participating in events is great way to network. Networking does not stop at handing over the visiting card. There are high chances that a card might get lost among several others. Hence, the safe way is to give something that will last, like company's branded merchandise. 

Giving a diary, pen or anything highly useful will stay with event participants for a long time, giving brand visibility long after the event is over.


There are multiple ways to use branded merchandise. And if used properly, it can garner immense reach for your brand. However, it all depends on the way you procure it. The long, tedious process can be replaced by an automated one, giving you an easy way to take your brand to multiple places.

Are you planning to automate your merchandise procurement process? Let's get in touch.​