In India, women are at the forefront of redefining success on their own terms. Breaking free from societal expectations, they are embracing their authenticity and charting paths that reflect their true essence and purpose. Through their resilience and determination, Indian women are not only empowering themselves but also inspiring positive change in their communities and beyond.

Women's Day, celebrated on March 8 every year, serves as a platform for acknowledging and celebrating the diverse achievements of these women in various fields. Celebrations vary widely in scale and budget, with organisations allocating significant funds for Women's Day events, featuring panel discussions, workshops, and eagerly anticipated gift hampers. These initiatives contribute to raising awareness, empowering women, and enhancing employee engagement in the organisation.

But celebration comes with its own set of unique obstacles

Organisations often face challenges when planning meaningful celebrations, particularly in choosing appropriate gifts. Successfully navigating these obstacles demands strategic planning, sensitivity, and a commitment to promoting an inclusive and supportive workplace culture. The most common issues faced by the organising team for are

  • Choosing appropriate gifts that require careful consideration to avoid stereotypes and accommodate cultural preferences.
  • Managing logistical challenges across multiple locations.
  • Manage employee satisfaction due to mismatches between expectations and received gifts.

Customised Hampers, Dedicated Portals, Better employee engagement

At Mandaala, we began on a unique initiative to empower and celebrate women in our customers' workforce through customised gift hampers. We curated a catalogue very early on with multiple hampers at various budgets. These pre-set hampers, along with the flexibility to customise them, allowed our customers to curate experiences unique to their organisation. Some of our customers also used our Celebration module to create a dedicated portal for their Women’s Day celebration. With a dedicated portal, our customers were empowered to effortlessly manage every aspect of their celebration, from allowing their employees to choose bespoke gifts of their choice to doorstep delivery at their homes. We successfully fulfilled more than 19,000 Women’s Day hampers across multiple locations in India.

Celebration Portal features that Enhanced Women's Day Experiences

  • Secured Employee Ordering Portal
  • Seamless doorstep delivery for hybrid employees
  • Power of choosing their own hampers.
  • Streamlined Address Management
  • Personalised Gifting Option

  • Customised Wrapping options
  • Their amazing reaction and feedback

We received heartwarming feedback from our clients, including Randstad, Zaggle, and Cipla, who appreciated the quality and thoughtfulness of our customised hampers. Their positive experiences and feedback reaffirmed our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to our valued customers.

Zaggle expressed genuine happiness with the custom gift hampers we provided for their employees, thanking us for the excellent quality products and timely delivery.

“Thank you so much for the good quality products and timely delivery. It was a delight working with you. Thanks for making our Women's Day special. Everyone loved the gifts!” - Human Resource Executive, Zaggle

At Cipla, we curated special hampers, making Women's Day memorable for their employees. They expressed gratitude for our support in identifying wonderful products and ensuring smooth distribution at their Corporate offices.

"We are taking this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your support in both identifying a wonderful product and in the smooth distribution of the gift kits in our Mumbai Corporate offices. We received great feedback from our women employees on the gifts, both from a quality and usage standpoint. Looking forward to your continued collaboration." Employee Experience and Delivery Executive, Cipla.

Additionally, esteemed clients Capgemini, Piramal, Altimetrik, Grasim, and HDFC Life and many more joined hands with us to celebrate Women’s Day in their offices, opting for our specially curated customised hampers.

Making a Meaningful Impact

From our customers to the broader social media community, we have had the privilege of hearing and sharing amazing stories of women’s day experiences, all made possible by the transformative powerful Mandaala solution.

Through our commitment to fostering better employee engagement, every gift we delivered made a significant impact.

Are you ready to make your next celebration at your organisation truly exciting?

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