joining kits for new employees

Onboarding kits are the best way to give a warm welcome to new employees. If done right, joining kits for new employees can add tremendous value to your onboarding process. It can let the employees know that you are eager to welcome them to your organisation. 

However, the most important question is - what to include in your kit? There are hundreds of products to choose from. And yet, you need to zero down on things that you think your employees would need the most.

How to decide what to include in your joining kit?

1. Your budget

There could be an employee kit for all budgets.  Whether it is a budget-friendly kit or a premium one, if given with utmost care, can make an equal impact.

2. Employee's needs

You must curate a kit depending on what kind of products your employees generally need. For instance, your remotely joining employees might need good quality headphones to conduct meetings instead of a backpack.

 3. Company's values

One of the leading Ad agencies, Ogilvy and Mather, created an Induction Box that gives a perfect introduction to their culture. You can see it here. There couldn't be a better way to induct new employees into their culture. Organisations can adopt a similar approach. 

A few products that you can include in our employee welcome kit 

1. Welcome letter

This goes without saying. Any person typically works about 5 - 6 days a week and for 8 - 9 hours. Most of their time is dedicated to their workplace and team members. Hence, it becomes necessary for the person to have a right welcome. It will help them begin a journey on a positive note.

2. Customised apparel

A good piece of clothing, be it a polo T-shirt or a hoodie with the company's branding will let people instantly feel like a part of it. They can wear it on a casual Friday event or a meeting with the clients, acting as instant brand ambassadors. 

At times, organisations are put off by the idea of apparel due to size issues. It can be automated using our Onboarding solution. See how

New employee welcome kit
A DIY portal where employees can request a kit and get doorstep delivery.

3. Mug

A lot of us find it difficult to focus on work without our morning or evening hot cuppa. And hence, a customised cup can be a great option to be included in your joining kit. 

4. Notebook and a pen

A good notebook and a pen would be like your new joinee's best friend. Remote as well as on-site employees would find it helpful. You could even convert an ordinary notebook into a special one by personalising it with the recipient's name, adding the company's values on the inside pages and adding a powerful quote on the cover. 

5. Headphones

Hybrid is the new cool. But that also means a lot of meetings with team members working across different locations. And having good quality headphones would certainly make those meetings convenient.

6. Backpacks

For people who commute to work daily, a good backpack is nothing less than a blessing. Backpacks allow people to easily carry stuff like laptop, notebook, lunch box, flask and any other thing that they might need, making them a valuable addition to your onboarding kit.

These are the most common products used by organisations. However, if you are looking to go beyond the ordinary, we have a product portfolio of 600+ products to choose. So, let's create a joining kit that would make a fantastic impression on new joinees.