Promotional products have been part of the product marketing mix since quite some time now, yet a lot of brands have not invested enough. When it comes to brand promotion, we usually resort to traditional advertising or the new-age digital mediums. However, if brands want to reach out to their audience, promotional products are a great alternative.

When you give a customised product to prospects, they get something tangible to remember your brand, giving you a better recall value than your competitors. Also, as per a report shared by PPAI, promotional products or branded merchandise have the highest advertising recall, surpassing print, television, and online advertising. 

Hence, it makes complete business sense to procure merchandise and use it for internal and external marketing purposes. And, when we say promotional products, they need not be the conventional products, you can choose between options like tech products, music accessories, drinkware, quirky stationery and a lot more, depending on your audience.

If you are still not convinced, these statistics will help you make an informed decision.

1. Six out of 10 people keep promotional products with them for up to two years.

If a valued customer has received a branded merchandise, there is a possibility that he or she will keep the product with them for two years. That means you can get possible brand exposure for a long time. Even if the person stops buying from you, you might still continue getting your return on investment. Now, compare it with the exposure you might get using a social media post or a flyer. What do you think is better?

2. 83% of people can remember the brand on a promotional product while only 7% can remember the name of the advertiser after viewing a TV commercial.

For a long time, TV commercials were considered as an effective means of advertising as they had the power to reach more people. While the efficacy of a TV commercial is undisputed, you can’t discount the power of good quality corporate branded merchandise. Since branded merchandise is more personal, it creates a strong connection with the brand, giving you a better relationship with the prospect. It also works for employees.

3. 8 out 10 people love receiving promotional giveaways while 7 out of 10 people find online advertising annoying.

Well, isn’t this obvious! Online advertisements have been a game changer in the last few years. But we all agree that seeing ads on each and every platform you visit is tiresome. It feels pushy. They bother you while you are watching some important video or reading something important. Promotional products do not do that. If a customer receives a useful customised gift from you, they are going to use it willingly, getting reminded of your brand constantly, without it being an annoyance. 

To sum it up, promotional products can be an essential part of your marketing strategy, giving a much needed boost to your brand. If you’d like to get your hands on some cool merchandise products, BrandStore solution will work best for you. It acts like a special marketplace where all the merchandise is listed. Your sales or customer service team could place the order and share the delivery address of your customers. We can deliver the product to their doorstep. 

The process is simple and can give you a considerably quicker turnaround time. We can give you a quick demo to explain the BrandStore solution. Let’s connect and make a difference to your brand promotion activities.