This year was one of a kind. It has taught us to look at positives and make the best out of any situation. Most importantly, it has made us count our blessings and be grateful for everyone who supported us. And for any organisation, the biggest source of support has to be its employees. Most of the employees had to switch to a remote working model overnight, and do the tough task of balancing work and life.

However, things have started to get back to normal gradually. We are heading towards a new year, making a new beginning. The journey was tremendous for all of us, and it needs to be rewarded. Thank everyone who stood by your organisation by acknowledging their efforts with a token of appreciation. Not just an ordinary gift, but something they would choose. Give them a wide variety to pick from and select whatever they like.

It would be like the good ol’ days when we put up stockings during Christmas, hoping Santa would give us the gift we really loved. This time, it would be real. Your employees could make a wish and choose the gift, we can get it delivered wherever they are. They can choose from a lot of options that we have.

Electronics and gadgets
Bluetooth speakers, power banks, smart sockets, ear pods, smart remote controls, headsets, fitness bands and a lot more will delight all tech savvy people.

Home Appliances, Furnishings and Kitchenware
Large variety of things like pans, blender and grinder, jars and bottles, beautiful sheets, candles, diffusers and vaporisers to facilitate your culinary adventures and enhance home interiors.

Choose from a large variety of executive diaries and notebooks to be given as New Year gifts.

Let people switch to greener alternatives like bamboo pens, cork passport covers and laptop bags, bamboo mugs and a lot more.

Gift sets and hampers
Indulge in delightful tea hampers, fragrance kits, and special goodies from Nature’s Basket. You can also choose various gift sets with a lot of personal accessories.

Personal Accessories
Choose the best backpacks from Wildcraft, Aristocrat, Skybags, VIP, etc. They offer you long-lasting durability, making your gift useful for a long period of time.

Why PrintStop?

  • All gifts are customised with your logo, custom gift wrapping paper and festive greeting card.
  • Users can select the gift they want
  • Users can add their own address
  • Gifts are lot more personal than gift vouchers

Besides these categories, we have other options like confectionaries, drinkware, apparel for you. Each gift is customised and delivered to employees wherever they are.

Not only that, employees can choose their own gift and mention their delivery address. We will ensure it reaches them on time. You can download the full catalogue here. Feel free to reach out to us for inquiries or questions at + 91 99207 05050 or [email protected].