Yay! After two years of remote work, PrintStop had its first outing. Like little kids eagerly waiting for their school picnic, the entire team was looking forward to it since the announcement was made. All teams across India flew in to be a part of the offsite. And what an adventurous experience it was! (Courtesy Camp Max

The offsite seeded from the thought that we were much beyond our roles and the work that we did each day. It was a perfect opportunity for us to blend in with all teams, get to know new team members and strengthen our bonds with each one of them. What transpired over two days was much beyond the original idea, and would stay with each of us forever. 

Narendra Neman, our pre-press executive thinks, "The place was like heaven on Earth. The tents had a lake on one side and mountains on the other. It was a perfect place to rewind and rejuvenate. There were so many activities including the team building games. The activities were quite engaging and fun, requiring us to run around and coordinate with other team members. Overall, it was quite a memorable experience."

Groupism for good

Groupism is often discouraged at workplaces since it creates conflict amongst team members. But, we are weighing its benefits to create a sense of unity, bonding and enabling a better alignment with our values. Our teams were divided in four groups - Fearless FUNatics, Agile Avengers, Innovative Ninjas and Evolving Explorers. Each team name connects with our values of Fun, Agile, Innovate and Evolve. 

The teams took on some challenges in the teams building games such as Minesweeper, Australian plank, Blind sheep and Save the world. And the best of all was the ultimate Treasure hunt. 

The competitive spirit was at its peak. Everyone wanted to do their best, and everyone wanted to do it together. There was one winner, but each one of us learnt the importance of effective communication, coordination, team work and how to have a ton of fun.

Fun on demand

Nothing can get your adrenaline pumping  like some adventure sports while witnessing the best that nature has to offer. The campsite was nestled in lush hills and a serene lake, making it a perfect spot to indulge in some activities like kayaking, ziplining, night trekking, valley crossing and so on. The other activities also involved games like cricket and volleyball.

The evening was picture perfect with a bonfire and live music, giving us the perfect opportunity to dance it out. 

All in all, this picnic proved like a much-needed intervention to help us pause, relax and resume with a greater force. The two days left us with a lifetime of memories.