Work from Home Guide

The nation is under a severe lockdown in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak. Every hour, we keep getting information about the number of people affected, the global impact, economic implications and so on. It is difficult to not panic. The state of paranoia has affected everyone. Working from home in such a scenario is difficult. However, instead of giving in, we are trying to stay positive and productive. 

Here are a few tips one can follow to work effectively from home:

  1. Set a designated work area - Set up a home office for you. Like all of us have a fixed desk in the office, it's important to have a proper desk at home also. It helps you get yourself in work mode. You can place your laptop, notebooks and other things you usually use while working from office.
  2. Make a routine - One reason we like working from home is flexibility. However, that doesn’t mean we let our schedules go haywire. We need to identify a fixed time when we are most productive and plan our work for the day accordingly.
  3. Monitor time spent on social media - Getting distracted is easy while working from home. We tend to drift to social media while working. It not only affects our work but also exposes us to a lot of negativity prevalent in the current scenario. Hence, we need to keep a check on the time we spend on social media.
  4. Get regular exercise - Take short 5-10 minutes breaks from your work to move your body a little bit. This will help you stay focussed and fit. It also helps in reducing stress and increasing productivity. A little exercise every day will boost your immunity and keep you safe.
  5. End on time - Since there's no work commute or any other commitments, we might spend more hours at work. While it is good to get some additional work done, it is also important to end on time and be with family. 

These are a few things that are helping us to work from home. Let us know how are you all coping with the situation.