In any organisation, the Admin department facilitates the functioning of all other departments. Their efficiency is crucial for any organisation’s optimal performance. However, a lot of times it is observed that the admin department is forced to spend a lot of time on tedious tasks that can be completely avoided. One such lengthy and monotonous task is procuring printed stationery.

Printed materials like visiting cards, ID cards, letterheads, envelopes and other day-to-day stationery can make or break the company’s image in front of others. Hence, the admin department spends a lot of time to ensure that each stationery item that the organisation uses befits its image. Inconsistent and substandard quality printed material can contribute towards creating a negative brand image.

Challenges of JLL's Admin Team in getting printed stationery

The admin team at the global real estate company, JLL was also facing these woes. Printing visiting cards required numerous phone calls and emails, a long approval process, multiple follow-ups and a lot more.
Another issue that JLL faced was inconsistency in their logo colour. Earlier their visiting cards were printed in two steps. First, the logo was printed on base cards which were sent to the regional offices. Then the regional offices printed employee data on the base cards. The whole process was time-consuming.

Outcomes of the Stationery solution

The Stationery solution by PrintStop adequately addressed the problems faced by JLL. The emails and phone calls for printing stationery were reduced by 98%. It has helped them save 25% of the efforts involved in the process. And the problem of inconsistency in branding is eliminated. Each stationery item is standardised and follows brand guidelines. There is no need to first print the base cards and then reprint them with employee data.

Their Corporate Procurement Manager, Jagdish AM says, “Stationery solution has made procurement of visiting cards, ID cards, lanyards, etc. very simple for us. PrintStop team always goes beyond expectations to provide exceptional support during emergencies. We completely rely on them for good quality output. I have strongly recommended PrintStop to others.”

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