When India's largest IT company approached us with the challenge of organising a seamless 15th-anniversary celebration for their employees across India, we understood the emotional stakes were high. They sought an efficient way to honour this milestone without consuming excessive time and resources.

The Challenge? Their business spans across the country, making it difficult to ensure timely delivery of milestone kits to all employees.

When rewards or milestone kits don't arrive on their D-day, it can cause significant frustration for both employees and the company. Coordinating deliveries across multiple locations, especially for companies with numerous outlets, can be tricky:

  • Impact on Celebration: It can dampen the celebration and make employees feel overlooked and underappreciated. Imagine the excitement of reaching a milestone, only to find that your reward hasn’t arrived.
  • Logistical Challenges:  Shipping delays, customs issues, or local delivery constraints can all cause headaches.​
  • Perception of Inefficiency: Late deliveries can create a perception of inefficiency within the company. Employees might start to question the company's ability to organize and execute important events or recognitions properly.

Our goal? To ensure that recognition is both meaningful and memorable.

Our team embraced the challenge and developed a streamlined, efficient process to celebrate their employees' 15th-anniversary milestones. We created an easy-to-use portal where employees could redeem gift cards of their choice, adding a personal touch to the recognition experience.

  • We developed a streamlined milestone portal, enabling employees to log in and conveniently order their rewards from any location across the country. This portal ensured a smooth and efficient experience, facilitating the celebration of employee achievements.

  • Additionally, we established a comprehensive gift store portal, similar to Mandaala’s Brandstore. Employees could access this portal to purchase company merchandise or redeem a variety of gift cards, catering to diverse brand preferences.                                          
  • To honour employees reaching their 15-year milestone, we enabled global access to the gift card redemption feature. This allowed employees to redeem gift cards from any location worldwide, recognizing their long-term dedication.
  • Both portals were designed with user experience in mind, ensuring smooth access and utilization of rewards and merchandise. Employees could effortlessly log in, browse options, and make selections, integrating recognition and reward into their professional journey.

The Impact?

  1. Significant boost in employee satisfaction through timely and meaningful milestone celebrations. This approach led to a more engaged and motivated workforce, directly contributing to increased productivity and higher retention rates.
  2. Minimised logistical challenges, ensuring seamless milestone celebrations This result was a company culture that valued and celebrated its workforce, driving both morale and efficiency to new heights.

This feedback from our client reiterates our commitment to delivering excellence:

“Since assuming responsibility, we have consistently met the agreed-upon turnaround times for delivering kits. Employees now have access to a diverse selection of company-branded merchandise and gift vouchers to redeem as part of their Long Service Award milestone kit. This achievement was made possible thanks to the efforts of Team Mandaala. We extend our gratitude for making these accomplishments possible and providing us with a sense of ease and comfort.”

Our partnership with India's largest IT firm in organising their milestone celebration for employees' work anniversaries has been a resounding success.

The commitment and ingenuity of our team enabled us to achieve exceptional outcomes, surpassing expectations and establishing new benchmarks for what can be achieved. We offer expertise, effectiveness, and a customer-centric approach to every task we undertake.

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