Previously,  one of the most important reason for giving corporate gifts was to appease employees while also ensuring brand promotion. However, we are now seeing a shift in the approach. Organisations seeing a larger value in the gifting activities and putting some serious thought into it. Gifts are being used to communicate brand values, philosophies and strengthen the relationship with employees

This year, during Diwali, we saw some of our clients going beyond gifting, and trying to indulge employees by giving them a delightful experience. Besides making the employees happy, the gifts also helped the organsiations communicate their ideologies and values.

With the Celebration portal, each employee can choose from the shortlisted options, and we will ship the items to each of them. The gifts will be customised with the company logo and delivered in customised packaging. The HR team won't have to collect the address of each employee or coordinate for delivery. The entire process will be facilitated by us.

Here are a few ways we helped our clients make a difference through gifting.

HDFC Mutual Fund

HDFC Mutual Fund, one of the leading asset management companies in India, inculcated its philosophy of being environmentally responsible in employee gift hampers. Over 4.5K employees got the thoughtful Diwali hamper consisting of a planter, diyas, plantable sweets, and incense cones made from recycled temple waste.

The hamper was packed in specially designed packaging to allow airflow for the plant. The packages were also shipped in a ventilated corrugated box.

HDFC Mutual Fund Corporate Gift


Commercial real estate giant, CBRE, took the opportunity to communicate how much the organisation cares for its people using the specially crafted 'We Care Kit'. 

The kit consisted of Gizga Gadget Cleanit Kit, Lifebuoy Sanitizer kit, Iris candles, a jute bag, dry fruit gift box, CBRE branded high neck jacket, a personalised mug and a Promisca N95 Mask . These items were packed in a CBRE branded mug and shipped along with a special greeting card. 

Employees were not only surprised, but were over the moon with the beautiful gesture. 

HDFC Mutual Fund Corporate Gift

These were just two of  the many success stories powered by us. If you wish to create a unique experience for your employees, let's get in touch.