Any new employee takes some time to understand the nuances of any job when they join. Besides that, other things such as a feeling of belonging, alignment with company culture and values are equally important. And these things definitely create a first impression in a person’s mind.

When an employee joins, it becomes the organisation’s responsibility to onboarding and welcome them, and get them acquainted with the company’s culture. If done well, it can improve new hire retention by 82 percent*.

Onboarding process involves a lot of things, however, a crucial thing that helps in making a strong first impression is giving a well thought onboarding kits to new joinees.

Carefully collated joining kit that contains all the important things that an employee must have will be a great way to welcome new people, especially when a person joins remotely.

How can Onboarding by PrintStop help you?

Procuring, collating and personalising the kit
Each item in the kit adds value to it. If you are a company that strongly advocates sustainable practices, giving a recycled kraft notebook or eco-friendly stationery can help you establish that. We can help you procure each item, personalise them with employee names and collate a kit that is aligned with your company’s culture.

HR team or employee can order
Onboarding solution gives you the flexibility to choose your ordering process. Either HR team can place or employees can do it themselves. Whichever method is suitable can be used.

Doorstep delivery at employees’ homes or office
As a result of the pandemic, a lot of offices have adopted a remote working culture permanently. In such cases, an onboarding kit becomes a tangible aspect that can connect employees with the company. And, the employees can add their own data like t-shirt, photo for ID card and delivery address. HR team doesn’t have to collect any data. Also, the employees can track their orders, there’s no need to do repeated follow-ups for delivery.

No need to maintain inventory
Since all the kits are delivered as and when the order is placed, the organisation doesn’t have to maintain any inventory. The stress of keeping track, ensuring all sizes and specifications in apparel, etc, is eliminated.

Simple process
A typical process of procuring, packing, personalising and shipping the kit takes several emails and phone calls. We can help you avoid such lengthy communication processes and place the order in just a few clicks. All the logistics and delivery operations are taken care of by PrintStop, leaving the HR team to focus on other critical tasks related to onboarding.

With this solution, we aim to bring a smile on the faces of new joinees, who are embarking on a new journey in your organisation. With an impressive kit, we are reaffirming their decision of associating with your organisation, and giving them a glimpse of the great future that lies ahead of them.

If you think this solution will shape your onboarding journey, let’s connect for a quick demo at [email protected] or +91 9920705050.