Story before the pandemic... 

Diwali celebration was a big thing at Drums Food International. There used to be a big celebratory team dinner, people indulged in a lot of fun and camaraderie with the team members. Towards the end of the party, management would handover the Diwali gifts to each employee. The event was marked with appreciation, gratitude and celebration. It was a tradition until everyone had to switch to working remotely. 

The Distance Challenge 

Drums Foods is present at 8000+ touch points across 20 cities in India. The teams were scattered across the country. During the lockdown, a team of frontline workers, including warehouse and delivery team, worked diligently to deliver the products across locations. The office team switched to a remote working model and worked from their homes or hometowns. Amidst this, the traditional Diwali celebrations seemed impossible. The management wanted to make up for it by giving Diwali gifts.

Problems included

  • Taking addresses of all frontline and office employees 
  • Delivering gifts with the lockdown restrictions 
  • Giving gifts to a diverse set of people as per their preferences  

Giving gifts seemed impossible until they came across Celebration. 

Digitising Gifting 

Celebration module allowed Drums Foods to let people choose their gifts, and get them delivered without collecting addresses or data. There were two sets of products, selected according to the target audience. Office staff got options like WFH furniture, Bluetooth headphones, while frontline workers could choose from items like an iron, power bank etc. 

Celebration portal for frontline staff

With the Celebration portal, they could ensure that Diwali was as special as it used to be. With the digital intervention, they could retain the personal touch in gifting.

After adopting Celebration, all the HR team had to do was give email ids of the recipients. Nothing else was needed from them. We created a portal with gift items, employees could log in using the OTP, choose their gift and add a delivery address. 

Celebration portal for office staff

Features that helped Drums Food International 

  •  The HR team did not have to collect delivery addresses as the employees could mention their own address.
  • Employees could choose their own gift  
  • Doorstep delivery across India
  • All gifts were customised with company logo and wrapped in  company branded paper and sent along with a note from the management

With the Celebration portal, Drums Food could ensure that Diwali was as special as it used to be. With the digital intervention, they could retain the personal touch in gifting.

Here’s what they have to say about us 

"We had a wonderful experience in partnering with PrintStop India in celebrating Diwali at Epigamia, Drums Food International Pvt. Ltd. They offered several gifting options and helped us curate a great list of gifts for our teams. Although we work with their team extensively for other activities, this was indeed a unique experience for our organisation. We loved their extreme attention to detail and promptness with the deliveries on ground. They were readily available to solve any query from the team and were constantly in touch with us to ensure that all gifts reached our employees, across the country, on time. Not only did the gifts reach all the teams on time, but also in good condition, wrapped neatly. We look forward to partnering with the PrintStop team for employee engagement activities in the future."

Rohini Gupta 

Manager - People, Culture & Ecosystem 

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