The first day at any new workplace is exciting. The induction and onboarding process play an important role in defining any new joinee’s experience. Hence, it becomes important for the organisation to make a great first impression and ensure that employees receive a warm welcome.

The right induction and onboarding are challenging as is, and the work from home scenario adds to the list of difficulties. One of the global HR organisations also faced this challenge.

They had several employees joining across India during the lockdown. Collecting individual data and delivering joining kits to each new joinee was a herculean task. The Onboarding module gave a hands-on solution. The platform enabled the organisation to send personalised joining kits to each new joinee and create a great impression while giving them a warm welcome.

How did the Onboarding module help?

A designated portal with the personalised joining kits was created for the new joinees. Each joining kit contains a set of tea coasters, acrylic keychains, stainless steel cups with lid, customised jute bags, promotional plastic pens, visiting card holder, bookmarks, aluminium black bottle and a mouse pad.

The end-to-end process, from collating the kits, personalising them for each employee, packing and delivering the kits was managed by PrintStop.

With the onboarding portal, the process for the new joinee and the HR team was as simple as this:

  • Once an employee joins, the HR executive creates a user on the onboarding portal built by PrintStop
  • New joinees are then notified to log in to the portal, add the kit to the cart and share the desired delivery address
  • The HR executive gets notified and approves the order
  • PrintStop delivers the kit to the address given by the employee

In just a few steps, the organisation was able to make a great impression on the new joinees with minimal effort. 

The Onboarding Module ensures each new joinee begins their career in a company with a big smile on their face and be assured that they have joined a company that cares for them. 

If you too want to share a little box of happiness with new joinees, reach out to us at [email protected] or 99207 05050.