Great Place to Work is an organisation working towards building great workplaces. Similarly, with our technology solutions, PrintStop is striving to optimise complex processes in organisations to create efficient and happy workplaces.

The alignment in our philosophies created a perfect partnership. The impact of our synergy was witnessed during the virtual FOR ALL Summit 2021. Each delegate attending the event got a personalised delegate kit delivered to their doorstep in a WFH environment. In a virtual event with no physical connection among people, the kits gave the attendees something tangible that they could commemorate the event with. We were able to create a simple yet impactful personal touch using our technology solutions.

The kit, consisting of a sipper bottle, a mug and a letter, was sent to 400+ participants across the country in a span of 15 days around the event. PrintStop’s technology solution also facilitated the distribution of the winner kits to all the winners. 

The entire process was implemented using our Celebration module. A custom portal was created for Great Place to Work FOR ALL 2021 Delegates.

  1. Delegates log in to the portal using an OTP
  2. Add their name to personalise the kit
  3. Self checkout their kits
  4. Add shipping process and complete the process

We also enabled automatic delivery of a personalised digital badge to the delegates through email. The delegate could share this badge on social media to generate more buzz about the event.

A process as simple as this could transform the experience of the entire virtual event. The complex process of personalising, packing, shipping and delivering gifts which conventionally involved multiple rounds of communication was reduced to a few steps.

It not only helped deliver the kits to the participants' doorstep, it also enabled creation of lasting relationships and a personal touch. 

If you want to partner with us to distribute delegate kits for your event in a 'Work From Home' setting, reach out to us [email protected] or + 91 99207 05050.