customised diaries and calendars

As the year comes to an end, let's take some cues from what Jonathan Lockwood Huie has to say about new beginnings. 

Celebrate endings - for they precede new beginnings.

The end of the year is an occasion worth celebrating. It helps you begin the new one on an exciting note. Ending the year on a high note gives your teams something to look forward to in the coming year. And what could be better gifts than diaries and calendars to mark the year-end with hopes of a promising New Year!

You can go for customised designs, inspirational messages and other variants to make the calendars appealing throughout the year.

Look at a few calendars and diaries that we think your employees or clients would like to have.


Try to recollect the time in your professional career when you weren't using a diary. You can't, right? It shows how universal the use of diaries is. You can leverage them to build relationships while promoting your brand.

1.Hardbound diaries

hardbound diary

Durable, sturdy and professional - these hardbound diaries can be a great option if you want to give something to your CXO level employees or clients. It looks classy and helps you make an elegant impression. Pages are made with the finest uncoated paper to provide a smooth surface to write on. It will allow you to gift an exceptional writing experience.

2. Wire O diary

Wire O Diary

Wire O diary, undoubtedly, is an easy page-turner! It offers unmatched convenience. You can add custom designs, even allow the recipients to get a personalised diary in a few clicks. This diary will work for all kinds of people and its durability will make them a great option.

3. Softcover notebooks

Softcover diary

Softcover notebooks are easy to use, lightweight and highly portable. You can carry them for your meetings or outdoor trips. If you are looking for great options for your field staff, you can trust this diary to meet your requirement.


Calendar is a common desk accessory that is used by almost everyone. The advent of technology might make us rethink their utility but their popularity has not diminished. They are used by professionals across hierarchies. And the calendars need not be boring. You can go for customised designs, inspirational messages and other variants to make the calendars appealing throughout the year. You can also give personalisation options and let the recipients personalise it themselves using the Celebration portal.

1. Desk calendars

desk calendar

Desk calendars are a widely popular choice for gifting purposes. They make a really good option, helping you grab eyeballs and get noticed throughout the year. Desk calendars also have a lot of branding space, giving you enough opportunity to convey your message in an effective way.

2. Stand calendars

stand calendar

If you are really keen on giving calendars but are looking for something compact and unique, try out stand calendars. They take less space, helping you keep your desk neat. The stand calendar comes with separate cards for each month, you just need to replace them.

Off late, there have been some doubts about the popularity of diaries and calendars. However, the technological progress has not made significant dent in the utility of these products. In the era where Google Notes is as popular as your good'ol notebook, you can place your bets on these customised diaries and calendars. It will help you reach out to a large number of people. 

Let's connect to make a difference to your New Year celebrations.